About us

As founder and owner, I have amassed 20 years’ experience in the acoustic industry. Operating since 2004 as a sole proprietorship established in Aalsmeer, our aim is to deliver improved and updated acoustic spray and plasterwork. Our motto is to make every customer a satisfied customer!

AkoCell specialises in the application of acoustic spray in office environments, education, healthcare, the music industry and hospitality sector. The unique, certified product line of AkoCell provides a wide range of possibilities in terms of thickness, texture and colour of acoustic spray. All variants in the Ako-line have excellent sound-absorbing properties, reduce reverberation, are energy-saving, fire-resistant, environmentally friendly produced and suitable for any surface. Moreover, the AkoCell spray technique also allows for quick and efficient application. Our customers can rely on us for tailor-made solutions and outstanding quality.

Architect@Work in Rotterdam

Watch the video from the recent Architect@Work trade show in Rotterdam, where AkoCell was exhibiting. It was a great pleasure to present our products and meet and talk with prospective clients.


Acoustic spray and plaster are made up of cellulose fibres which can be applied seamlessly to ceilings and walls using specially developed spray technology. This technique contributes greatly to the acoustics of a given space. Appreciable advantages of acoustic spray and plaster are the fire-retardant and energy-saving qualities. AkoCell works with cellulose, recycled paper ground down to very small flakes, which are extremely environmentally friendly due to an energy-efficient and relatively simple production process. Innovations in spray technology ensure effective, efficient and high-quality work. New techniques cut down on processing time and reduce the amounts of materials and energy required. Together we can make a real difference by using sustainable products for improved acoustics.

Our motto is to make every customer a satisfied customer!